Total Rewards

Total Rewards

Benefits, Amenities & Perks of Life at JPL

The big picture at JPL is designed to empower you to do your best work while still living a full life. So if you’re considering JPL as the home base for your life’s work, consider this—JPL offers you:

  • The pride of working at NASA and Caltech, creating missions that make a difference in people’s lives around the world
  • A vital role on a team of passionate and dedicated explorers of the universe
  • Some of the world’s best capabilities in science, technology and engineering, working on space missions and projects you can’t do anywhere else
  • An open and casual work environment on a beautiful 177-acre campus-like facility
  • A flexible work schedule, including a 9/80 and telecommuting options
  • A culture that encourages innovation and creativity
  • A comprehensive benefits plan, as outlined here:

Compensation, Awards & Retirement



We know that our people are our greatest asset. JPL offers you a competitive base salary and non-base awards to recognize outstanding performance. We continually study industry markets and conduct salary reviews to ensure your compensation remains competitive over time.

Saving for the Future


JPL offers a rich retirement program to help you and your family save for the future.



We offer a robust JPL awards program to recognize outstanding achievement of individuals and teams in many areas: innovation, significant technical or business accomplishment, excellence in your field of knowledge, leadership, early career achievement, public engagement and education. You are also eligible for the NASA Agency Honor Awards Program for individual and team contributions to the NASA Mission by both Agency employees and contractors.

Health & Welfare

Health Insurance


Caltech provides numerous health insurance options for medical, dental, vision, health savings, including other life and accident insurances.



We know that your mind and body need to work together to produce amazing results. That’s why we have the JPL FitLab. As a JPLer you are a member of the FitLab and have access to on-site gyms and fitness classes, a comprehensive wellness app, and On Lab events and speakers.



The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) provides financial assistance in subsidizing childcare costs from infancy through seventh grade.

JPL partners with other child care providers to offer the “Back-Up Care Advantage” program and offers access to several top-of-the-line childcare centers near JPL.

Employee Assistance Program


When you or your family need useful ideas, helpful resources, or reliable professional care, JPL’s Employee Assistance Program is just a phone call away.

Learning Resources



At JPL, there are so many opportunities at your fingertips it’s hard to know where to start. The Mentoring In Action Program pairs you with a mentor to help.

Tuition Reimbursement


Our Tuition Reimbursement program gives you the opportunity to obtain, maintain, and improve skills by taking courses at accredited colleges, universities, and organizations.

Learning Resources


We offer a comprehensive set of learning resources, such as professional expert speakers, access to online courses, MOOCs, and other self-guided online and on-site resources.

Life at JPL

Holidays, Sick and Vacation


JPL has numerous paid holidays and offers vacation and sick accruals to ensure you have time to do what’s important. Work Schedule We offer an optional Alternate Work Week schedule which gives us every other Friday off. We work 9 hours + lunch on Monday - Thursday and 8 hours every other Friday. JPL also offers a ‘Flex work’ program to allow some eligible employees to work remotely.



As a Caltech Employee and member of the community you have access to numerous Caltech Benefits:

  • The Athenaeum University Club
  • Caltech Gym
  • Caltech Y Caltech Clubs and Organizations
  • Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union

As a NASA Contractor, you are also eligible for Federal Benefits:

  • NASA APPEL (Academy of Program and Project Engineering and Leadership Courses)
  • NASA Satern Learning Management
  • NASA Agency Honor Awards
  • NASA Missions, projects, and work

Ride Share


JPL provides a variety of incentives and subsidies for carpooling, vanpooling, and other environmentally sustainable modes of transportation such as bicycling and riding the metro.

Clubs and Groups


JPL offers many opportunities for you and your coworkers to become involved in activities outside of work. You may want to help inspire young people to pursue careers in science and engineering, or use your talents to make other contributions to the local community. Other opportunities include helping to engage with each other through activities on Lab and joining clubs, groups, teams and employee resource groups through our rich Employee Involvement opportunities.