Diversity, Equity and inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

"JPL was built on multidisciplinary teams asking bold questions and answering them with cutting-edge scientific and technical solutions. A diverse and inclusive workplace—in experience, perspective and background—is critical to attracting and engaging the brightest minds. Our commitment to diversity must be reflected in every aspect of the Laboratory."

-Dr. Michael W., Director of Jet Propulsion Laboratory

It Starts with Inclusion

While diversity and inclusion are worthy ideals, at JPL, they are more than that – they are mission-critical necessities.

Our Lab depends on an inclusive workforce of independent-minded people. We seek out different voices to contribute to the science, engineering, technology, and business discourse.

As the saying goes, if you get five JPLers together, you will have at least seven viewpoints. This give-and-take characterizes our meetings and decisions, and strengthens our designs, plans, and results. It’s also part of what makes working at JPL so stimulating, challenging, and fun.

Consider the universe that we explore every day. There is nothing homogenous or monochromatic about it—and it is magnificent. Why should our workforce be any different?

Employee Involvement

JPL offers many ways for employees to become more involved, ranging from employee resource groups to self-organized clubs to various sports teams.

Inclusion Advisory Committee

The Inclusion Advisory Committee strives to support an inclusive culture and environment that fosters diversity of thought and empowers all employees to do their best work.

Women at JPL

Learn more about the brilliant, trailblazing women who are forging into the far reaches of our universe!

"Living on the Choctaw Reservation helped me develop my respect for nature and my surroundings. There’s not a lot of light pollution, so I could observe the stars and constellations."

-Powtawche V., Navigation Engineer