Computer and Technology


You will be amazed to learn how many of the high-tech conveniences of modern life were originally developed by JPL. Nowhere is that more evident than in frontiers of computer science. Today, you could create never-before-seen solutions for journeys into space; tomorrow, they could be part of your children’s daily lives.

Software Engineering

Our missions are complex, long-lasting, far-reaching—and each one is unique. We’re constantly developing new mission-specific software. For designers, engineers, architects, and developers who like to test the limits, JPL is a constant source of new stimulating challenges.

"I suggest getting an internship during high school or college. Attend the annual Explore JPL. Talk to JPLers."

-Diana H., Software Engineer

Information Technology

JPL missions require real-time collaboration across many organizations, including JPL, the NASA Centers, vendors, and space agencies in partner nations. Ranked by ComputerWorld as one of Best Places to Work in IT, JPL offers the most fascinating IT challenges in a stimulating environment.

"It motivates me that the work is not only compelling, but also benefits society – it’s meaningful."

-Victor L., Ops Lab Lead


Cybersecurity is a challenge throughout our connected world, but JPL’s situation is particularly complex and important. We gather data from the far reaches of space and need to keep it protected. Our information is highly sensitive, and subject to security clearances through NASA and other government agencies, so it requires the special care of dedicated cybersecurity experts.​​​​​​​

"Our charge is to expand humankind’s knowledge about the universe through exploration. I find nothing more interesting than that."

-Alice W., UX Researcher