Benefits and perks for summer students and part-time employees

JPL is a unique collaboration between NASA and Caltech. We are funded by the space agency to serve the space program and national interests, while staffed and managed by one of the world’s premier academic Institutions. This synergy offers unique opportunities and benefits to consider as you begin your JPL journey.

Please keep in mind that summer students and part-time employees come to JPL via a variety of programs and the benefits outlined below are for JPL employees. If you are not a JPL employee, please reach out to your employer to learn more about your benefits. ​​​​​​​

Exciting NASA Missions

NASA entrusts JPL to work on the hardest and most complex missions. We are the gold standard of space exploration technologies, where you have the chance to make the wildest sci-fi dreams come true.  

Caltech Connection

Have access to world-renowned experts. Being Caltech employees means you can build relationships and connections to brilliant academic minds. Think something is impossible? This is the place to make it happen. 

Leave a Legacy

Our research, projects, missions and advancements in science, technology and engineering can change the course of human history. 

Employee Community

Get involved with a large and active community of employees, from Employee Resources Groups to interest clubs, to outreach and volunteering opportunities.

Workplace Flexibility

The big picture at JPL is designed to empower you to do your best work while living a full life.

Long Weekends

Some employees can choose a '9/80' schedule (work 80 hours over 9 days), which means every other Friday off. 

Telework Flexibility

Based on role duties, most employees can opt to work from home up to one or two days a week, depending on the week.

Holidays + Paid Time Off

JPL has 11 paid holidays. Employees working 40 hours will accrue 8 hours of sick per month. If you are scheduled for less than 40 hours, you will accrue sick time pro-rated to your scheduled hours in accordance with our paid time off policies. 


JPL partners with Bright Horizons to provide you with the “Back-Up Care Advantage” program, which offers center-based child care, and in-home care for children, adults and elder relatives. Bright Horizons also offers resources to find childcare centers near JPL.  

Health, wellness and the future

Our benefits are a mix of Caltech-provided insurance plans, as well as additional JPL focused wellness iniatives and programs. Contributions to retirement accounts are also some of the best in the industry. 
Wellness Program
At JPL, we care about your health and well-being. The mission of the Wellness Program is to make a value-added, engaging, impactful contribution to JPL's mission success. That’s why we provide employees with access to meaningful, interactive, and free programs designed to support you on-lab and at home from quarterly challenges to on-site gyms, chair massages, and more!

Employee Assistance Programs

A robust EAP, including a 24/7 hotline for employee assistance, elder care, financial planning and budgeting assistance, and more. You can connect with the right resources to help you and your family live well.

Saving for the Future

You are eligible to make voluntary pre-tax and/or Roth after-tax contributions to the Caltech Voluntary Retirement Plan, up to the maximum annual deferral amount set by the IRS. We offer a variety of investment options. TIAA is the record keeper for the Caltech Retirement Plans.

We always have more to learn

"Never limit yourself because of others' limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination." — Mae Jemison

Career Development

JPL offers various professional growth, skill, and development opportunities and interests that you are passionate about in your career, all while you help to meet the mission of the Lab. JPL Employees have access to LinkedIn Learning, NASA courses, mentoring programs and more. 

We offer a comprehensive set of learning resources aligned to your role and career with courses ranging from essential skills, business skills, technical skills, specialized domain knowledge, and leadership and professional development programs.

At JPL, we value modernized learning, and to cater to our hybrid workforce, you’ll find a wide variety of blended learning formats from online, self-paced through to virtual and in-person instructor led programs led by professional expert speakers.
You also have direct access to many on demand courses from world class learning providers including LinkedIn Learning, Degreed, Center for Creative Leadership and more.

JPL Mentoring Program 

The JPL Mentoring Program matches mentors and mentees across the Lab, in all fields, skill sets, and levels. The program is customized to help mentees identify, define, clarify potential career paths, and growth opportunities that are suited specifically to them. The JPL Mentoring Program can be repeated at every stage in your career development and is a great tool to help you successfully transition into JPL.

Speaker Series

Exclusive insight and lectures about our projects, science, engineering, technology, and mission support related topics like cybersecurity, leadership and more.

Awards and Recognition

We offer a robust JPL awards program to recognize outstanding achievement of individuals and teams. You may also be eligible for the NASA Agency Honor Awards Program.
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This summary comparison does not replace the legal documents that establish the plans. Final interpretation of any provision of the plans will be governed by the master policies and official plan documents, which are on file in the office of the plan administrator. Caltech reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate its benefits programs, in whole or in part, at any time and for any reason.
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Our employees

We're more than our missions, science and innovations. Get to know JPL employees and be inspired by their stories. 
Electrical Engineering


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